Introduction to TinyML

By Rohit Sharma

This book demystifies the TinyML technology including embedded machine learning market, applications, algorithms, tools and technology. The book dives deeper into the technology beyond common application and keep it light for the readers with varying background including students, hobbyists, managers, market researchers and developers. 

It starts with introduction to TinyML with benefits and scalability. It introduces no-code and low-code tinyML platform to develop production worthy solutions including audio wake word, visual wake word, American sign language and predictive maintenance. Last two chapters are devoted to sensor and hardware agnostic autoML and tinyML compiler technologies. 

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TinyML Book 

Title: Introduction to TinyML

Author: Rohit Sharma

ISBN: 979-8839399129

Published on: July 09, 2022. 

Printed by: KDP, Amazon 

Genre: Engineering

Language: ‏English 

Paperback: ‎ 181 pages

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